Lecture Notes: 5 Tools to turn your tricks into a show
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This Dutch magician is a fourtime champion 'Magic for Kids' in the Netherlands. He was invited to lecture on the subject and wrote a 49-page booklet with lots of tips on magic and marketing. Jan creates at least one new show a year and speaks from experience (www.goochelaarjan.nl)

The bare bones are 5 ways how to turn your tricks into a complete act or show. With lots of photo's and examples it's up to you to chose a theme and use the tips to create your own show. It's not a theoretical discussion, it's a practical guide to get started.

At some point this will be worked into a full-blown book with lots of routines for the stage and children's magician.
Right now, to save on shipping for international customers, you will receive a PDF-booklet by e-mail.

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Jasper Oberon - 17-03-2020 16:25

What is the secret of a 4-time champion “Magic for Kids”?

Jan creatively finds ways to change existing routines into something new, something unique. In this lecture you get the tools and Jan will give many examples on HOW to do it. It will inspire you to let your tricks grow bigger, become simpler in effect and more colourful.

His tricks are colourful, but his ideas and vision on magic is colourful too. With a background in marketing Jan offers practical stuff for the real world.

Jasper Oberon, former President Nederlandse Magische Unie (Dutch Magic Association

Marco Royal - 17-03-2020 16:24

A very instructive lecture giving insights into the important aspects of a magic show. It was great to learn by examples (from the real world) how to optimise a show and how to use varied tricks to teach a message.

If you want more than a standard magic show, this is highly recommended.

Jori Veldhuizen - 17-03-2020 16:24

Magicians are good at what they do: Magic! This inspiring lecture takes you further than just ‘showing a trick’. In a very enthusiastic way Jan shows you how to develop your tricks into a show, a unity.

He presents 5 levels to help you with that: Where are you now and how to enlarge the experience for your audience? Do you perform a standard spongeball- routine or do you develop it into an act that your audience will remember?

A unique lecture about taking your tricks and creating an act, a show or even theater.

Joost van den Brink - 17-03-2020 16:23

Jan is clearly an expert in performing for children. His lecture contains well-thought thru and usable tips for every magician (no matter what kind of audience)!

Jan uses examples, stories and images from the real world to make the theory understandable for everybody. I will start working with what I’ve learned. Tip: Get the lecture notes afterwards!

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